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Thursday, 16 August 2012 15:44
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Companies Reynolda Manufacturing Represents


Reynolda Manufacturing and Ray H. Morris

RHM remains the best and biggest distributor in parts and tooling for Davenport and Brown and Sharpe Screw machines in the world. continues to offer the most complete inventory in our industry and strives to offer a larger variety of these products to all of our customers. Throughout the history of the company, customer service has been the hallmark. RHM will seek to grow the business by offering a quality product at reasonable prices. The products listed below are on the shleve when you need them. By stocking only top quality products at a fair cost, Ray H. Morris company has become the number one distributer in all of the major lines.

Distributors For:

  • Balax - Standard and special taps
  • B & S Screw Machine - Replacement parts, tooling & attachments for Brown and Sharpe
  • BMC-Metal tote pans * BSM Pumps - Coolant & lubrication pumps * Boyar-Schultz - Screw machine holders
  • Brookfield Tool - Drill and tap holder
  • Davenport Machine - Replacement parts, tooling and attachments for Davenport
  • Dunham Tool - Expanding collets and air chucks
  • Form Rol Die - Knurls and Knurl holders
  • Genevieve Swiss tooling - Holders and tooling for Swiss screw machines
  • Greenfield Industries - Chicago-Latrobe drills, Putnam end mills. Vermont Tap and Die, Cleveland Twist drill
  • Geometric/Assembled Threading Tools - Die Heads and chasers
  • Global CNC - Toolholder bushings, attachments for CNC lathes
  • Green Technologies - Master feed finders and rubber inserts
  • Guhring Drills - High speed, cobalt, solid carbide and parabolic flute drills
  • Hardinge, Inc-Collets, feed fingers and pads and quick change collet systems
  • Hexagon Metrology - precision measuring equipment. Brown and Sharpe, Tesa, Etalon, Standard Gage
  • Kaiser Tool - Thinbit inserts and holders
  • LMT-Fette - Thread rolls and heads.
  • Lixie - Soft face and bronze hammers
  • Loc-Line - Flexible coolant hose
  • Malco - High speed slotting saws
  • Manchester Tool - Carbide cutting tools and holders
  • Marcellus - Drill and tap bushings
  • Meyer Gage - Gage pins and assemblies
  • Micro 100 - carbide cutting tools
  • Micron - thread gages
  • North American Tool - Special taps and dies
  • Ohio Drill - Half round drills, blanks, drill rod, countersinks
  • Procunier - Tapping and drilling attachments
  • Quality Chaser - Threading chasers
  • R S V P Tooling - Thread chasers, thread rolls and holders
  • Regal-Beloit - Taps, dies and gages
  • Reiff & Nestor - Standard and special taps
  • Royal Products - Machine tool accessories. Filtermist collection units
  • Rynolda Manufacturing Solutions - Replacement parts, insert tooling, screw machining
  • Somma Tool - Blanks, toolholders, Erickson Tooling
  • Swanson Tool - Thread gages
  • Techniks Tool Holding - Collet chucks, ER Collets adn tap holders
  • Thread Check - Thread gages
  • Whitcore Tube / P A Conveyors - Silent stock tubes
  • Widell - Acorn dies, round adjustable dies
  • C. J. Winter Machine Technologies - Thread rolls and attachments
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